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About Us

Xiamen Zhanyu Investment Management Co., Ltd. was established on March 3, 2010. At present, its main business covers supply chain operation, Internet, e-commerce, tourism hotel, exhibition, intellectual property, technology intermediary, advertisement, urban public service and investment.
Zhanyu investment has a number of enterprises in different fields. It applies enterprise individual project customization, theme commodity customization analysis, research and investment operation, implements industry research, data statistics, design operation management system, investment creation, and takes enterprise incubation investment and strategic operation as an integral whole, independent investment management and operation.  
As a commercial subject of investment management, Zhanyu provides professional support in strategic planning, investment and M & A, investor relations, international communication, market public relations, etc. it develops international and domestic markets with a global vision, focuses on grasping the objective laws and future trends of regional development, and is precise in the design, investment, creation and operation of industrial and strategic enterprise systems With the comprehensive business services of industrial chain and diversified strategic portfolio capital investment as the link, relying on the "tailor-made" business model, it provides the construction of a comprehensive business operation system suitable for different environments and needs of various industries.
Zhanyu investment management is based on user value, integrating social responsibility into the business operation system, promoting business innovation and cultural heritage, helping all walks of life to upgrade, and promoting the synchronous and sustainable development of society and commerce.

Zhanyu's investment values
Stick to the bottom line, take morality as the first, honesty and justice are not the only thing
be enterprising
No work is a fault, have the courage to break through and take responsibility
Open collaboration, continuous evolution
Beyond innovation, explore the future!!