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In 2010, with the rapid development of Xiamen Special Economic Zone, Xiamen Zhanyu automobile rental company, the predecessor of Zhanyu investment management, was born in this beautiful and prosperous city. Since its establishment, under the leadership and unremitting efforts of the founding shareholders, through the struggle of Zhanyu people again and again, it has developed into a powerful investment enterprise in the fields of supply chain operation, real estate, intellectual property, exhibition, Internet, decoration design and investment management, and has created a set of enterprise operation and management system of Communist management system.

Initial stage (2010-2012)
——Xiamen Zhanyu car rental Co., Ltd
As an initial car rental service provider, Zhanyu car rental actively learns from the successful international car rental model, and combines with the consumption habits of Chinese customers to provide short-term rental, long-term rental and rental purchase rental services for customers, as well as complete supporting services such as national rescue and off-site car return. In the first year of its establishment, Zhanyu car rental extended to many major cities in China, serving more than 100000 individual customers and hundreds of enterprise customers, becoming one of the leading enterprises in Xiamen's automobile rental industry.

Marketization transformation stage (2012-2013)
——The company acquired the Internet information technology enterprise (Xiamen Chaoyang Network Engineering Co., Ltd.), tried to expand business across industries, and transformed from "car rental service" to entity investment management enterprise.
At the same time, the company tried to break the "customer oriented" and "customer oriented" concept of internal business development Gradually transform into a comprehensive entity enterprise with business involving Internet, investment, trade, real estate, decoration, finance and other fields.

Reform and rectification stage (2013-2015)
——Reform and rectification, develop multiple industries at the same time, and build the basic framework of enterprises
In 2013, the company officially changed its name to Xiamen Zhanyu Investment Management Co., Ltd. through reform, the company further improved its internal operation and management mechanism; on the other hand, it cleaned up and rectified the investment projects to effectively improve the economic benefits of the investment enterprises. Meanwhile, adhering to the development principle of "one industry is the main and multi industry simultaneously", the development pattern of Internet plus industrial investment and real estate industry has been basically formed, and international freight and other integrated services have been catching up rapidly.

Basic formation stage of core industry (2015-2017)
——Strategic development, reorganization and merger, and the formation of core industries
The first three-year development plan was implemented in 2017, entering a new stage of planned strategic development. At the same time, production and capital operation have been carried out simultaneously, and core industries such as trade and logistics, Internet, intellectual property, advertising media and exhibition have been basically formed.

Rapid development stage of core industries (2017-2019)
——Focus on the main business, make it bigger and stronger, and the scale efficiency of core industry is growing rapidly
The company continues to increase the investment in core industries, take various measures to promote the rapid development of core business. The core industries also continue to innovate business and profit model, expand their own business, business scale and efficiency grow rapidly. Zhanyu Investment Management Co., Ltd www.kfcgroup.cn Zhanyu (Jinjiang) Decoration Design Co., Ltd www.sheji77.com Xiamen Chaoyang Network Engineering Co., Ltd Cheng Limited  www.gdp666.com Chaoyang (Jinjiang) Network Technology Co., Ltd www.0595666.cn Ganzhou Chaoyang Network Technology Co., Ltd www.jx25.com Hangzhou Chaoyang Network Engineering Co., Ltd www.hznnn.com 799 Hong Kong Internet Co., Ltd www.799.hk , Australia Chaoyang network www.gdp777.com And other core enterprises, And has a number of brands "Zhanyu car rental", "Chaoyang network", "qiaohui decoration", "Emma lady seminary" and "Wen".

Transformation and innovation stage (2019 - present)
——Improving quality and efficiency, transformation and innovation, promoting sustainable development of enterprises
The company adapts to the new economic normal, takes transformation and innovation as the leading factor, pays attention to the connotation development and extension expansion with quality, promotes the core business such as supply chain operation and real estate information to continuously improve competitiveness, and focuses on the layout and establishment of new industries such as urbanization, Internet information and public service, so as to promote the high-quality brand and sustainable development of the company.